How to Find the Best Patio Tables for Your Outdoor Space

What could be more relaxing than enjoying homemade picnic sandwiches outside on your new patio table? When you have guests over in the summertime, do you have a place for everyone to sit together? I’m guessing you’re here to learn about the 10 best patio tables you can find online, and you’re in luck! If you’re unsure which type of patio table would be best for your outdoor living area, don’t worry. I’ll discuss material types and table types down below. Let’s dive in!

Bottom Line Upfront

With two growing kids and extended family that constantly visit (probably because we’re the only ones with a pool), I have to say, the BONDHOLMEN Gray Outdoor Table is my top pick for what I need in a patio table.

Top Picks

Though all 10 patio tables I have to show you today truly stand out in terms of design and quality, I’m a huge fan of these 3. Each of these tables offers coziness, style, and perfect functionality. Take a look!

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Benefits of a Patio Table

Why do I need a patio table? What are the benefits to owning one? If you still aren’t sold on the idea, take a quick look at my compiled list. Being the owner of a quality patio table is great because:

  • You can enjoy meals, drinks, and quality time outside
  • It offers you and your family a place to sit down
  • Patio tables lend style to your outdoor living area
  • These types of tables are resistant to weathering and rust
  • You’ll have a huge assortment of different tables to choose from

Types of Patio Tables

Unfamiliar with all the types of patio tables available to you? Don’t sweat it! In this section, I’ll give you some brief pointers about each popular type of patio table and what makes it special. This can help you decide which table best fits your space.

  1. Picnic –  These tables typically seat at least 6 people. Usually made of wood, these tables often have seating attached to the table itself.
  2. Foldable – A foldable table can be folded up and stored away easily. These are meant to be quick to assemble and quick to take apart. Consider this type if you only want a table out on your patio for special occasions.
  3. Glass Top – Tempered glass can stay strong against the outside elements, which is why it’s used for patio tables. Glass top tables look gorgeous, so many homeowners want them for their aesthetic appeal.
  4. Umbrella – This type of table has a hold in the center of the tabletop. You can place an umbrella in the hole to give your table shade on hot days.
  5. Round – You may want a round patio table if the other furniture you have outside has soft, rounded edges.
  6. Square – A small square table can be great for small patios.
  7. Rectangular – Generally, rectangular patio tables are larger than square patio tables. Rectangular tables are ideal if you want to seat at least 6 people.

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Best Material for a Patio Table

Choosing the right material type for your patio table is just as important as choosing which table type you want. Patio tables come in a huge variety of different material types, so I’ve just listed some of the most popular ones here. These materials are always readily available.


Some of the best types of wood you can buy for the outdoors are durable hardwoods. Woods like fir, acacia, and even eucalyptus are ideal.


  • Gorgeous natural look
  • A few colors and textures to pick from
  • Stained and unstained
  • Protective sealant against water damages


  • Can eventually grow mold without proper cleaning/upkeep


Tables featuring a tempered glass tabletop are perfect for the outdoors! Glass will add elegance to your patio and resistance against the outside elements.


  • Classic and beautiful
  • Many different glass tables to choose from
  • Very easy to clean
  • Won’t rust or grow mold


  • Can shatter with enough force


This is the ultimate durable material on the list. Oftentimes, patio tables made of metal will be treated with a rust-resistant coating. This way, your new table can withstand the wind and the rain.


  • Highly strong material
  • Stylish and modern
  • Can be simple or feature intricate designs
  • Rust-resistant coating


  • Sometimes metal tables are only available in solid black


Don’t look down on plastic patio tables! Plastic is great for the outdoors because, like glass, it won’t rust or mold. Plastic may be the less durable material, but it’s the easiest to clean by far.


  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Available in a huge assortment of colors
  • Least expensive material
  • Won’t rust or mold


  • Least durable material on the list

What to Consider When Buying a Patio Table

The last step in your journey to deciding what the best patio table is for you ends with scanning the technicalities in the product description. It truly pays to read the fine print when you’re buying a new product so you can be sure you’re buying something you’ll love. I’ll explain how to sift through the product description to find need-to-know info here.

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The price of your patio table is going to be affected by:

  • How big the table is
  • What brand the table is from
  • What material the table is made out of
  • Whether the design is intricate or simple

Most patio tables are within the range of $50-$500. Paying more or less than that might buy you a product that’s a rip-off.


Usually, there will be an option to check what rating other customers have given that product in the product description. Check that section out to make sure other buyers have given 5-star reviews to the patio table you want.


Some websites and sellers offer a 1-year warranty for patio tables. Others may have a product return policy instead, such as giving you 30 days to 1 year to return the product. Look for the “warranty” and “returns” sections before buying your table, so you know what to do if something’s wrong with it.


The most durable material for patio tables is metal. Still, the most beautiful tables are typically made of wood or glass. Plastic is easy to clean and maintain. Think about what’s necessary to you in a patio table before picking out your material type.


Buy a patio table that will fit in your patio space well. The dimensions of your table should be one of the first bits of the information listed in the product description. If you want, you can take a measuring tape and map out where you’d want your table to be (to make sure it fits.)

Chairs or No Chairs?

Not all patio tables come with chairs, but some do. Some have matching chairs that need to be purchased separately. The extra chairs might make your table more expensive, but they’ll also match the aesthetic of your new table perfectly.

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Removable Cushions

You may want a patio table with removable cushions, but keep in mind that the extra cushions are extra work. If you do receive removable cushions with your patio table, make sure to take them inside before it rains! Otherwise, your pillows could grow mold.

The 10 Best Patio Tables

These are the best patio tables for big patios, small patios, and everything in between. Whether you want a picnic table, a balcony table, or a classic patio table with chairs, I’ve got 10 amazing patio tables to show you based on their quality, user reviews, and style.

Best Small Umbrella Table: EMERIT Outdoor Patio Bistro Metal Dining Table with Umbrella Hole

The sleek, solid black, modern design blends in with your patio’s décor. I’m a fan of how durable this patio table is because the steel is treated with an anti-rust coating.

  • Material: Metal
  • Price Range: $120-$160
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Colors Available: Black and faux wood top

If you’d like to turn this table into a shaded picnic area, all you have to do is plop an umbrella into the center of the table where the hole is. Resistant to scratches and weathering, it’s hard to beat the price for the quality of this table.


  • 2 styles available
  • Space in the center of the table for an umbrella
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant


  • Some people don’t like the look of black metal

Best Bargain: Flash Furniture 28” Square Tempered Glass Metal Table with Dark Brown Rattan Edging

This table is all about elegance. The tempered glass top is beautiful, and the braided rattan accent is striking.

  • Material: Aluminum, plastic, glass, metal, rattan, and steel
  • Price Range: $41-$61
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Colors Available: Brown rattan, black rattan, and gray rattan

You can choose between black, brown, and gray braided rattan to decorate the table’s edges. These tables would be great for your backyard or for the outside area in your restaurant with how resistant to the weather they are.


  • 3 different accent colors to choose from
  • Beautiful tempered glass top
  • Perfect for small patios


  • Not good for accommodating many people

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Best Metal Patio Table: PHI VILLA Metal Patio Dining Table Steel Rectangular Outdoor Table

This large table can seat you and all your guests! I appreciate that the design of this patio table looks inviting despite it being made from black steel.

  • Material: Steel
  • Price Range: $260-$300
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Colors Available: Black

An anti-rust coating protects the exterior, while the interior stays sturdy for years due to the integral steel construction. What’s more? This table is easy to clean and easy to put together.


  • Highly durable steel table
  • Large size can accommodate many guests
  • Simple design fits in with most outdoor styles


  • People who don’t like furniture with a modern style won’t like this

Best Contemporary Patio Table: Walker Edison Dominica Contemporary Slatted Outdoor Dining Table

Acacia wood is stunning, strong, and can last for generations. You can choose to keep the acacia wood in its natural brown color, or you could buy this table in black or gray.

  • Material: Acacia wood
  • Price Range: $197-$227
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Colors Available: Brown, black, and gray

The slatted, simple design offers a contemporary look. 6 people are meant to sit at this table, so it’s best for patios with plenty of room.


  • Seats 6 people at a time
  • Space in the center of the table where an umbrella can be placed
  • Beautiful, high-quality wood


  • May be too large for some small patios

Best Picnic Table: Jenifer Rectangular 4-Person 51.2” Long Picnic Table

Ah, doesn’t a picnic sound lovely? Sitting down with family and friends, eating hotdogs and hamburgers? Well, you can host the next family BBQ when you’ve got a brand-new picnic table in your yard.

  • Material: Firwood
  • Price Range: $265-$305
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Colors Available: Natural fir wood

I love this picnic table because it’s easy to put together, take apart, and store for when you need it again. The benches connect to the table, so you won’t have to worry about buying them separately!


  • Gorgeous natural fir wood
  • Comes with benches for the sides of the table
  • Easy to store and set up with a compact design


  • No color options available

Best For Small Spaces: Damaris Metal Balcony Table

Do you live in an apartment with a balcony overlooking the city? I’d recommend you check out this patio table that hangs off the side of your balcony’s railing.

  • Material: Metal
  • Price Range: $98-$128
  • Warranty: No commercial warranty included
  • Colors Available: Black

This table is perfect for 2, so you can enjoy romantic dinners outside or simply enjoy the sunset. Made of metal, this table can brave storms and other weather patterns without rusting.


  • Hangs off the side of a balcony
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Metal is durable and resistant to weathering


  • This table would look out of place anywhere but a balcony

Best For Homes by the Beach: Wood-Look Pattern Gray Rattan Black Metal Tabletop Rectangular Patio Table

It’s truly hard to beat the stunning beauty of this patio table made from wicker wood and rattan. The sides are detailed with woven black rattan.

  • Material: Wicker and rattan
  • Price Range: $460-$500
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Colors Available: Black

The wicker wood gives a classy, beachy vibe. If you’ve got a place by the seashore, I recommend this table to you. This patio table was designed to resist water damage and powerful UV rays without losing its brilliant color.


  • Beautiful construction with wicker and rattan
  • Resistant to water, rust, mold, and UV rays
  • Perfect by-the-beach table for 6


  • Only 1 color choice is available

Best Overall: Äpplarö Gateleg Table

This patio table works great for big and small patios! Why? Both sides are foldable, so you can extend both sides for a large table to fit 6 or fold both sides down for a party of 2.

  • Material: Acacia wood and acrylic wood stain
  • Price Range: $110-$150
  • Warranty: Free returns for unopened products for 1 year
  • Colors Available: Brown

Regardless of how you decide to style this table, you’ll have options for when guests come over, and you need more room. Did I mention how gorgeous that wood staining is, too?


  • Strong and gorgeous acacia wood
  • The table can fold to be large or small depending on what you want
  • Modern aesthetic


  • Only 1 color choice

Best For Gorgeous Light Brown Wood: FALHOMEN Outdoor Table

Ah, this simple table is perfect for picnics, birthday parties, wine night with friends, and all your outdoor hang-outs.

  • Material: Acacia wood and acrylic wood stain
  • Price Range: $120-$160
  • Warranty: 1-year free returns for unopened products
  • Colors Available: Light brown

The display picture did a great job of capturing how well this table works with a color scheme incorporating white and blue. This table for 4 was made from sustainably-sourced wood, so you can buy with a clear conscience.


  • Can seat many guests
  • High-quality acacia wood
  • Simple design and neutral color fit with most patio schemes


  • Not great for small patios

Best For Big Families: BONDHOLMEN Gray Outdoor Table

This last patio table is unlike the others in that it is made from high-quality eucalyptus wood, and it’s a solid gray color.

  • Material: Eucalyptus wood and acrylic wood stain
  • Price Range: $450-$550
  • Warranty: 1-year free returns for unopened products
  • Colors Available: Gray

You can plop an umbrella in the center of this table for 6, so the sun won’t be an issue even on the warmest of days. If you want, you can buy the matching chairs separately, so you have a set that goes perfectly with the table.


  • Large table that can accommodate 6 guests
  • Beautiful, weather-resistant eucalyptus wood
  • Space to put an umbrella in the center of the tabletop


  • Some people don’t like gray furniture


Hang around for just a bit longer! In this last segment, I’ll make sure your most frequently asked questions about patio tables, and other outdoor furniture are answered.

Question: What is a Good Table Top for Outdoors?

Answer: You want your outdoor tabletop to be hardy, so I’ve compiled a list of strong and gorgeous materials. Some of the best tabletop materials are:

  • Hardwoods
  • Rust-resistant metal
  • Tempered glass

Question: Who Has the Most Affordable Outdoor Furniture?

Answer: Arguably, Amazon has some of the most affordable outdoor furniture because Amazon has the widest selection. You can discover every type and brand of outdoor furniture on Amazon, from the cheapest picnic tables to the most luxurious patio tables. With a membership, you can get free shipping, too.

Question: Can You Put IKEA Furniture Outside?

Answer: While IKEA outdoor furniture is meant to be left outside, I wouldn’t put any IKEA furniture outside. Any furniture piece with cushioning can get moldy or grow mildew after it rains. Some metal furniture pieces meant to be kept indoors aren’t treated with a rust-resistant coating. Make sure the furniture you buy is intended for outdoor use!

The End of the Evening

Well, everyone, it’s time to meander outside with a glass of peach tea and relax by your new patio table. After viewing the 10 best patio tables you can buy online, is there one you have your eye on? If you’ve got a large or even a growing family, I highly recommend the BONDHOLMEN Gray Outdoor Table. Please come visit our website for more great information about current outdoor furniture!

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