Best Wooden Porch Swings For Any Space

Gently swaying on your new wooden porch swing on a summer day sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Nowadays, there are thousands of different porch swings for you to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which companies are reputable, which porch swings offer style and functionality, etc.

So, I’ve got the 10 best wooden porch swings available online right here. I’ll also give you a brief guide about what to look for in a quality porch swing and I’ll recommend some of my favorite types of wood. Ready? Let’s swing into action!

Bottom Line Upfront

Well, as much as I love the look of the $11k model *cringes at price tag*, I have to say, my fav on this list is definitely the 2-Person Sheesham Solid Wood Porch Swing because I can just picture my husband and I swinging away together in it.

Top Picks

Before we go any further into what makes a perfect porch swing, I’d like to recommend these 3. Each of these wooden porch swings has my official stamp of approval for design and durability. If you’d like to browse through a selection of excellent porch swings right away, check out these ones!

Best Overall: 2-Person Sheesham Solid Wood Porch Swing

This is one of the most luxurious, elegant porch swings I’ve ever seen. The wood carvings are a work of art.

Best for Small Porches: Furinno Tioman Hardwood Patio / Garden / Outdoor Porch Swing

This is a single-person porch swing that’s perfect for relaxing outdoors while enjoying some quality you time.

Best Bargain: Furinno Tioman Hardwood Patio / Garden / Outdoor Porch Swing

You can’t beat the price of this 2-person porch swing! The wood is a beautiful medium brown color, too.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Porch Swings

Porch Swing

As with basically everything these days, there are pros and cons to owning a wooden porch swing. This section shows you what those pros and cons are so you can make the right choice in deciding if a porch swing is right for your home.


  • Classic and beautiful outdoor furniture
  • Provides you and your guests with a place to sit outside
  • Many are highly durable and can stay outside all year
  • Many color and design choices
  • Options for 1-person and 2-person porch swings
  • Easy to clean and care for

  • Can be expensive
  • Not all porch swings come with a warranty
  • Assembly can be difficult

Types of Wooden Porch Swings

This section will quickly break down what each type of popular wooden porch swing is. You might be shocked to know there are many types! If you’re unfamiliar with different kinds of porch swings and want to find the perfect fit for your home, read on.


These porch swings hang from the ceiling or other strong structures outside your home. The swing is attached to metal chains which allow it to be hung from somewhere above. Usually, these are some of the least expensive porch swings.

Porch Swing with Stand

This kind of porch swing comes with a frame. Don’t worry about attaching the porch swing to your house, because the metal chains are connected to the frame the swing comes with. Since the frames are large and sometimes intricately carved, this kind of porch swing is one of the pricier ones.


If you’re in for a unique experience, I recommend trying out anti-gravity porch swings. Like their name suggests, this type of porch swing makes it feel as though you’re sitting in a space without gravity. Anti-gravity products can help with spinal health and reduce pain on painful pressure points.


This type of porch swing is unique because instead of being hung up by chains, these swings rock from the bottom. The bottom stand has parts that allow it to sway back and forth when you sit on the bench. Glider porch swings typically move more gently than other types of porch swings.

What to Look for in Wooden Porch Swings

Before we get to the 10 best wooden porch swings, I’m going to show you what to look for before you invest. Picking out a new porch swing should be loads of fun, and I know you’ll pick the perfect one once you know about what’s going on in the fine print.


You can choose to buy either a 1-person porch swing or a 2-person porch swing. Generally, when buying a 2-person swing, you’ll have the option to choose a swing that is either 4 feet or 5 feet long.


Bigger wooden porch swings are typically more expensive than smaller ones. This isn’t always the case, because hanging porch swings are usually less expensive than porch swings with a frame. Anti-gravity porch swings can still be relatively expensive, too.

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Wood Type

Hardwoods are far superior to softwoods when it comes to porch swings. The wood fibers in hardwoods are more tightly bound together, which is why it’s harder for water to seep into them. Hardwoods like hardwood maple and cherry are more resistant to rotting and other water damage than woods softer than them.


Design choices are limitless! Some wooden porch swings have old-fashioned, ornate carvings while others are modern and simple. Whatever aesthetic you want for your home’s curb appeal, you can find it with how many different varieties of porch swings are available nowadays.


All of the 10 porch swings I recommend below are from reputable brands. When you’re trying to find a brand you trust, I recommend doing a little research into the company. Check to make sure other customers have been satisfied with their porch swing before investing in one of your own.

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Best Wood for Wooden Porch Swing

Porch Swing

These are my top suggestions for a porch swing with beautiful, durable wood. There are even more highly strong, weather-resistant, and gorgeous types of wood than this, but these are readily available in most places. I’ll explain what makes each unique.

Black Walnut

  • Hardwood
  • Hard for water to seep into wood pores
  • Gorgeous dark brown color
  • Found in North America
  • Resistant to infestations
  • Relatively expensive


  • Hardwood
  • Found in North America
  • Resistant to weathering, water damage, and infestations
  • Cherished for its stunning deep red color
  • Relatively expensive

Hardwood Maple

  • Hardwood
  • Resistant to infestations and water damage
  • Pretty blonde color
  • Found in North America
  • Inexpensive compared to many other hardwoods


  • Hardwood
  • Very durable and resistant to water damages
  • Found in North America
  • Beautiful pale color
  • Relatively inexpensive

Tips for Caring for Your Wooden Porch Swing

  • If you set cushions on your porch swing, make sure to take them inside before it rains
  • You may need to re-seal the wood with oil once enough years have passed
  • Wash your porch swing with warm water and soap when it gets dirty

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Best Wooden Porch Swings

Ready to swing into action? These are the 10 best wooden porch swings available online. I picked them based on their design, quality construction, and price points.

Porch swings offer your family and guests a place to sit down outside and enjoy the warm weather. Sitting on a porch swing brings to mind homemade lemonade, chirping crickets, and laughing with loved ones, doesn’t it? Each of these 10 will bring uniqueness and elegance to your porch, so let’s take a look.

Best For: Small Porches: Furinno Tioman Hardwood Patio / Garden / Outdoor Porch Swing

Furinno Tioman Hardwood Patio Porch Swing

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors alone, either reading a book, listening to podcasts, or simply observing nature? Definitely consider investing in a single-seat porch swing like this one.

  • Material: Meranti wood
  • Price Range: $90-$110
  • Warranty: 30-day free return policy
  • Colors: Natural medium brown wood

This inexpensive wooden porch swing fits perfectly on small porches. It’s the ideal, cozy spot for one person to relax and unwind. 4 sturdy metal chains hold the deep meranti wood swing up.


  • Perfect for small porches
  • Great for relaxing outdoors while enjoying alone time
  • Treated with teak oil for water resistance and enhanced durability


  • Only meant to seat one person at a time

Best Natural Wood Aesthetic: CASTLECREEK Log Swing for Porch

CASTLECREEK Log Swing for Porch

This 2-person log swing is great for enjoying the setting summer sun with company. When you buy this swing, you’ll receive the frame, the swing, and all the hanging hardware you see in the picture.

  • Material: Chinese fir wood
  • Price Range: $260-$300
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Colors: Natural pale wood

For added comfort, I recommend buying a cushion to put down on the bench. People who prefer the look of natural wood will love the gorgeous color and texture of the Chinese fir wood used to make this swing.


  • Can seat 2 people at a time
  • Natural Chinese fir wood looks gorgeous
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean


  • Buying accident protection plans that last for years are over $30 minimum

Best Wooden Tree Swing: Leofit Hanging Wooden Tree Swing

Leofit Hanging Wooden Tree Swing

Isn’t this magical tree swing like something out of a fantasy movie? Leofit makes swing boards for kids and adults, so you can either buy one for yourself or the little ones.

  • Material: Elmwood
  • Price Range: $31-$41
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Colors: Natural wood

The swing board is made from elmwood, which has been sanded down along all the edges to prevent injury. Paired with sturdy hemp rope, this tree swing has a whimsical, natural look. Be sure to learn more about tree swing safety before attempting to install one yourself!


  • 80 inches of hemp rope are adjustable
  • Inexpensive swing perfect for one person to enjoy
  • High-quality hemp rope, metal connectors, and swing board


  • Not technically a porch swing

Best For Huge Amount of Color Choices: Highwood AD-PORL2-CGE Lehigh Porch Swing

Highwood AD-PORL2-CGE Lehigh Porch Swing

If you want to bring classic elegance to your porch, I recommend this 2-person wooden porch swing. You’ll have your choice of 11 different colors, so your swing will match the theme of your home’s exterior.

  • Material: Engineered wood and plastic
  • Price Range: $430-$470
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Colors: Black, white, brilliant white, Charleston green, coastal teak, dried sage, Nantucket blue, whitewash, toffee, Tuscan taupe, and weathered acorn

This porch swing weighs 38 pounds, so it’s easy for one person to assemble on their own. You can leave this swing outside all year round because it’s manufactured to be weatherproof and highly durable no matter what the sky’s doing.


  • Wide selection of color options
  • Gorgeous design and beautifully painted
  • Weatherproof year-round


  • Materials aren’t as high-quality compared to some of the other swings

Best For Best Bargain: Furinno Tioman Hardwood Patio / Garden / Outdoor Porch Swing

Furinno Tioman Hardwood Patio Porch Swing

The brand that made the single-person porch swing above also made this 2-person porch swing with a frame in the same color.

  • Material: Meranti wood
  • Price Range: $200-$240
  • Warranty: 30-day free returns policy
  • Colors: Natural medium brown wood

The teak oil the gorgeous wood is treated with not only keeps the wood resistant to water damage but also keeps the wood shiny all year round. As far as 2-person wooden porch swings with frames go, this one is budget-friendly, durable, and beautiful.


  • Beautiful deep brown color
  • Treated with teak oil to boost weather resistance and durability
  • Very strong metal chains


  • Only 1 color choice available

Best Classic Porch Swing: Odalys 2-Person Mahogany Solid Wood Porch Swing

Odalys 2-Person Mahogany Solid Wood Porch Swing

This 2-person porch swing from Wayfair is available in black and white. Whichever would look best with the outside of your home, I’m sure you’ll love how the wood has been carved simply yet elegantly.

  • Material: Wood
  • Price Range: $570-$610
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
  • Colors: Black and white

This is a hanging porch swing, so you’ll need to attach the metal chains to a sturdy part of your home. With an extra fee, you can pay a professional to assemble your new porch swing for you when it arrives at your door.


  • 2 colors to choose from
  • Beautifully carved wood with a classic design
  • Polyurethane coating keeps the paint and wood extra durable


  • Fairly expensive

Best Overall: 2-Person Sheesham Solid Wood Porch Swing

2-Person Sheesham Solid Wood Porch Swing

You and a loved one can enjoy the height of luxury with this beautifully carved, intricate, and extremely long-lasting wooden porch swing.

  • Material: Sheesham wood, neem wood, and mango wood
  • Price Range: $11,000-$11,200
  • Warranty: No commercial warranty
  • Colors: Natural wood and black

This porch swing’s frame is like something out of a fairy tale or an Oscar Wilde novel. Every detail screams expert craftsmanship-even the comfortable cushion embedded in the seat! You’ll enjoy that this rust-resistant porch swing hangs from quality, decorative chains.


  • Most high-quality wooden porch swing on the list
  • Gorgeous wood carvings all over the bench and frame
  • No assembly required
  • 2 beautiful colors to pick from


  • Most expensive wooden porch swing on the list

Best For Simplicity: D Ardoin Person Cedar Solid Wood Porch Swing

D Ardoin Person Cedar Solid Wood Porch Swing

Ready to enjoy the great outdoors this summer, but aren’t looking to spend a fortune? I recommend you check out this simple yet classic 2-person wooden porch swing.

  • Material: Cedar wood
  • Price Range: $300-$340
  • Warranty: 30-day full warranty
  • Colors: Natural cedarwood

The pre-drilled holes in the sides of the porch swing make it easy to assemble and hang from your home’s ceiling. Since this swing is made from Western red cedar, you can rest assured the wood is beautiful and resilient against the elements.


  • Gorgeous cedarwood has been left its natural color
  • Seat is gently curved to be more comfortable
  • Highly durable metal chains


  • Assembly is required, and you have to pay extra to have professionals assemble it for you

Best For Modernity: Raclette 2-Person Fir Solid Wood Porch Swing

Raclette 2-Person Fir Solid Wood Porch Swing

This porch swing reminds me of something you might see in a summer fashion magazine. If you want the outside of your home to showcase a modern look with light colors, this is the porch swing I recommend.

  • Material: Firwood
  • Price Range: $460-$500
  • Warranty: No commercial warranty
  • Colors: White with natural fir wood

The white painted swing and the natural fir wood frame fit perfectly together. 2 people can sit at this swing at one time, so you can enjoy your time on this swing with those you treasure most.


  • Beautiful, modern wooden porch swing
  • Frame is simple and elegant
  • Since this porch swing comes with a frame, you can place it anywhere outside


  • Some may not like that the frame is a different color than the bench

Best For Gorgeous Deep Brown Color: Adedapo 1-Person Rubberwood Manufactured Wood Porch Swing

Adedapo 1-Person Rubberwood Manufactured Wood Porch Swing

The last (and certainly not least) wooden porch swing I have to show you today is this dark brown one.

  • Material: Manufactured wood
  • Price Range: $550-$620
  • Warranty: 60-day limited warranty
  • Colors: Natural dark brown

This is another hanging porch swing, but no assembly will be required once you receive the product. You can place cushions on the bench to make this comfortable swing even more comfortable, or you can leave it as is!


  • Wood has deep hues and is polished to perfection
  • Can hold up to 800 lbs.
  • No assembly required


  • Expensive for being made of engineered wood


Never fear, because your most frequently asked questions will be answered here!

How Much Does a Wooden Porch Swing Cost?

That depends on which kind of wooden porch swing you want. Single-person porch swings are going to be significantly less pricey than two-person porch swings which are four to five feet across. The type of wood, the brand, the number of pieces, the size of the frame, and more all determine the price of the swing you want. Expect to pay over $250 for a two-person porch swing.

What is the Best Wood for an Outside Swing?

Some of the best types of wood for an outside swing are hardwood maple, cherry, oak, and black walnut. Each of these North American hardwoods is highly resistant to rotting, mold, water damage, infestations, and more.

Is a Wood or Metal Porch Swing Better?

I would argue that wooden porch swings are better. For one thing, wood is a more attractive material than metal. I dunno about you, but I want the outside of my home to look as gorgeous as the inside. Hardwoods are highly durable, so there’s no reason to settle with a metal swing that’s going to be too hot to sit on in the summertime, anyway.

Swing into Summer!

Did you enjoy learning about the 10 best wooden porch swings on the internet? Each swing had something a little different to offer, but they all have one thing in common: quality. Was there one porch swing you liked the best? I loved the 2-Person Sheesham Solid Wood Porch Swing.

Let me know why you liked it in the comments below! To learn even more about your options for classic, stunning outdoor furniture, have a peek at our website!

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