Best Porch Fence Ideas

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A porch is basically the face of your home, considering that it is an outdoor structure directly attached to the front of your house. This is why you need to pay special attention to how it looks, and I believe that finding the best fence design is a great way to do that. 

Below, we’ll look at some great ideas that might help inspire you:

Bottom Line Up Front

There are so many types of porch fences out there. However, for some reason, they seem to be an understated part of every home renovation. Well, this listicle is here to provide you with a number of fun ideas you can explore while deciding which one will suit your outdoor space the best.

While wood railings are the most popular, composite materials are definitely topping the charts these days. 

So, below, we’ll also explore which of these designs should or could be realized in unique materials.

As for me, my personal favorite is Classic Wood & Black because I really find this combo visually fascinating. Aside from being bold, it’s classy, and super impactful. This fence is also sophisticated and urban-chic – a combination rarely found in the porch-fence genre.

Top Picks

Here are some of my top picks and why I found them so unique:

Think in Curves

I really love this porch fence because it has a semi-circular base, which immediately sets it apart. However, the curved shape doesn’t take away from the straight-lines of the house in the backdrop. In fact, the straight, vertical railings only complement the overall exterior.

Going Green

This one was an immediate favorite (and not just because green is one of my favorite colors!). I love the pistachio paint that gives the simple design of the porch fence so much personality! Had it been white, the whole thing would have looked so blah!

Flat Sawn Fence

This fence design is another personal favorite because it foregoes the typical baluster style and presents something totally unique! The cut-outs in the middle of the flat wood screen make it one of the most distinct designs on this list!

Selection Criteria

Here’s what I had in mind while deciding which porch fences to feature here:


It’s important to understand the impact of the design you’re selecting, as with most things related to home improvement. So, my goal was to pick out porch fences that offer a certain amount of uniqueness in their styling.


So, I didn’t want any of the fences on this list to be similar. Finding diversity in this niche can be challenging, but I think you’ll appreciate how each one on here is as unique as they come.

Going Cross Shaped

Porch Fence Going Cross Shaped
Image from Pinterest

This cross-shaped porch fence mimics the barn-door aesthetic with its simple and minimalist approach. Note that this style is a personal favorite of mine. 

There’s a certain symmetry within this design that appeals to the eye. Most people might overlook it, but the porch columns are a major part of this overall design. Without their verticality to ground the entire look, the general effect of this fence design might not be the same. 

Moreover, this one is easy to interpret as a composite railing. This means, you can give it the look of wood while articulating the design in more easy-to-care materials like PVC.

The Side Baluster Aesthetic

Porch Fence The Side Baluster Aesthetic
Image from Pinterest

The classical style is timeless and this porch railing design would brighten up your house’s exterior instantly!

It features a stone baluster aesthetic, which might have carried an unproportionate amount of visual weight had it been applied to all four visible sides of the deck.

But as it stands, the stone-style turned balusters are only situated along the most visible side, while the rest of the porch is overflowing with lush greenery. I love how the concrete finishing of the fence accentuates the white of the house’s exterior. This is another one of those porch ideas where you could opt for a composite railing. Instead of actual stone, the turned baluster could be made out of lightweight fiberglass and no one would ever be the wiser.

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Wood & White

Porch Fence Wood & White
Image from Pinterest

Wood and white is not just a classic combo for home interiors – it’s also perfect for exterior design! I love this horizontal railing because, on the one hand, it’s got that cottage-style rustic appeal, and on the other, it’s a landscape aficionado’s dream come true. Moreover, the white balusters in the middle of the wooden porch columns help break the monotony of the primary material selection quite brilliantly!

As far as porch railing materials go, wood is quite universally appreciated. It is easy to mold, work with, and can be carved out without much effortwithout much . This particular railing is perfect for interpreting in wood because of its straightforward design and subtle detailing.

Ideal Picket Fence

Porch Fence Ideal Picket Fence
Image from Pinterest

No one can talk about the best porch fences without mentioning dream pickets, and this one is straight out of a domestic fairytale. While there isn’t a lot that you can play around with when it comes to individual pickets, you can experiment with how you style them around your outdoor space.

Just take a look at this image. The fence stretches out of the porch’s side to encompass the surrounding garden. This, in turn, really gives the house’s exterior design quite a cohesive feel.

Classic Wood & Black

Porch Fence Classic Wood Black
Image from Pinterest

If you want to give your porch a contemporary feel, then I’d suggest you opt for a fence design like this. The classic wood outlook is pretty easy on the eyes, but what really hooked me was the contrast of the black metal grill in-between. Moreover, the lights at the top of the wooden balusters would make for an excellent night-scaping choice. Just imagine how they’ll light up at night – I’d certainly want to sit on that porch when night falls!

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Going Green

Porch Fence Going Green
Image from Pinterest

Speaking of unconventional ideas, this green-colored porch fence really caught my eye. Its uncanny finish is something you might never have experienced before, but despite that, I found it rather homely and welcoming. I think it’s hugely because of the specific shade of green used. It leans between the mint and pistachio spectrum – light, breezy, but not so much that one might overlook it. The porch columns make for a nice visual break that keeps the whole exterior design from feeling monotonous.

So, although the fence itself is simple, the green finish gives it that extra visual oomph!

Hints of Victorian

Porch Fence Hints Of Victorian
Image from Pinterest

Classical architectural elements are iconic for a reason and this porch fence idea really caught my eye because of it. The columns here are especially noteworthy. I love how there’s a contemporary corbel on all four sides and how it transitions into a mini arch at the top. The bold visual impact of this element couples really well with the slender balusters that make up the actual railing. 

Wood or timber is the best material to translate this fence idea in. However, you can also opt for composite choices for the more decorative parts of the column.

Tall All the Way

Porch Fence Tall All The Way
Image from Pinterest

If you live in a small house where the porch closes off with a fence and doesn’t really transition into a typical garden, then I’ve got the perfect idea for you. 

At its core, this fence design idea is simple – it consists of slim wood slats installed at equal intervals . But then there are all the extra embellishments! I love the mounted wood pallet shelves that hang in the middle – they seem to be floating right there and provide an excellent backdrop for the furniture at the front.

The One with the Lattice Side

Porch Fence The One with the Lattice Side

If you want your porch area to have a bit of privacy from the neighbors, this idea would be perfect for you! The stylish lattice at the side of the wood railing is like a fancy trellis and merges well with the rest of the exterior design. I especially love the elliptical opening in its middle – it’s great for hanging up planters or a wind-chime.

The lattice comes with a really fun railing. The cross design has double-balusters in-between. I really like it because it makes the entire set-up dynamic and visually interesting!

Think in Curves

Porch Fence Think In Curves
Image from Pinterest

Many homeowners have trouble thinking beyond the typical four-sided limitations of a rectangular porch, which is why I wanted to introduce you to this semi-circular one! It’s got a pretty neat aesthetic and even more attractive wood railing that gives the round shape so much more definition. I think that the curve of the base provides a great contrast against the straight lines of the house, while the vertical expression of the railing balusters goes hand-in-hand with the exterior.

The One With the Sill Planters

Porch Fence The One With The Sill Planters
Image from Pinterest

You might have seen built-in rectangular planters in window sills, but have you ever seen one on a horizontal railing? Because this one caught my eye because of it! On the whole, this entire house has an intimate Goldilocks-cottage vibe, and the cantilevered planters on the fence only reinforce that aura. 

If you want to go for this idea, then I’d suggest that you pick out a variety of colorful plants to give the whole look some extra oomph! Moreover, you’d have to be extra careful about choosing the right porch railing materials here because the soil from the planters could impact wood adversely. This is why it’s best to go for a composite railing made from PVC or fiberglass for longevity.

Flat Sawn Fence

Porch Fence Flat Sawn Fence
Image from Pinterest

While most of the designs that we saw on this list were quite simple, here’s one that will turn your head because of its uniqueness. This wood railing basically has built-in cut-outs instead of typical balusters, which gives it an extra edge. This technique is called “flat sawn” and will help give your outdoor space extra charm and distinguished charisma.

Distressed Cottage Style

Porch Fence Distressed Cottage Style
Image from Pinterest

If you need a little extra allure to spruce up your exterior design, then I’d suggest you go for this lovely distressed cottage-style porch fence. It leans a bit on the rustic side, but that’s what sets it apart from the rest. I especially love how the white latticework at the bottom plays in contrast with the wood finish of the railing, thereby creating an eye-catching outlook. As far as porch ideas go, this one leans a bit on the traditional side, but it’s also what makes it universally appealing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Question: What’s the difference between a porch and a patio?

Answer: While patios are usually stoned or cemented areas directly in the middle of a garden, porches are semi-covered and closed off by screens or fences to give them an inviting look. Porches are also a step or two above the natural soil level of the garden and consist of a fully decked-out floor with outdoor furniture.

Answer: Where is the porch located?

Answer: Porches are typically attached to the front of a house and serve as an extension of the main facade. They’re part of the home exterior and designed to complement the theme of your house.

Answer: What’s the difference between a porch and a veranda?

Answer: You’ll be surprised to know that there is no major difference between a veranda and a porch – in fact, the veranda is just the Portuguese name for a porch. They are both the one and the same, to begin with.


So, the next time you’re revamping your house exterior for that extra curb appeal, I hope you don’t forget to upgrade your porch fence. These ideas have been specially curated for you to find the one that suits you best. Once again, my favorite one is the Classic Wood & Black, which features a bold, impactful material combination that personally appeals to me!

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